Twisting and Growing, Glistening and Glowing

Busy seasons, folks!

It’s been wonderful catching up with friends and goings-on Northwest while trying personally to hammer at the heart of stuck things and break away recurrent impasse – explore more precisely how I would like to use my living potentials while in and of my temporary and already trail-worn meatsuit.

How do you do it, advancing your creative, analytical, discursive and dynamic energies into fresh territories / contexts? Is it ever a struggle to birth your New Idea? I’m thinking particularly here of the steps that come after this idea is first conceived: Implementation, Momentum, Perseverance.

Time is ever an accelerating force and as the evening air here deepens into end-of-summer coolness some fresh starts are beginning to ripen. I have some regional engagements coming up, beginning with an ECSTATIC AGENDAS booth at the Pacific Northwest Witches’ Market in Kirkland WA on Sunday October 23. I’m bringing all of my recent projects from the past year or so, including these new limited edition Mercury Talisman Necklaces!

I’m really looking forward to meeting people and getting to explore such a great sampling of the region’s practicing magical community!

Details here:


Beyond that, there are exciting rumors of a HALLOWEEN rite here in PDX involving my friends The Stims and their new media company SEATUS RECORDS, which I will confirm when I know more. Then on November 22, I’m very stoked to be part of a group exhibition at Portland’s quite excellent outdoor DIY arts venue, ElevenTwentyTwo Outside. That’s right, 11/22 at 11/22!

So as I said, busy seasons! I must offer thanks to the invisible spirits and forces I have called upon for help (particularly Hekate, Helios, Jupiter, Mercury, my HGA and my watchful ancestors) as well as those spirits enfleshed with whom I am blessed in human friendship and collaboration.

And thank you so much for reading.

I hope this finds you well, oh dearly bejewelled!

Jason Triefenbach, HFHR

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