Light To Share (Archived)

 My Friends.

Over these 20 months of protective shutdown, my interests have centered on home and family, individual
conversations, and private pursuits.  But two projects made for sharing, and that I’m very happy about, are
just being released!  Synchronistically, they both involve wolves. 

The first is Sun Duel- LOVE SONG, the opening track on SCUZZ REPORT #666 available from noise provocateur Mr. Ben.  I hear the release party Friday night was unhinged!

The second piece is INTO HOWLING an animistic essay I wrote for travelling poet Daniel Rolnik’s
forthcoming WEREWOLF compendium zine project. I want to give you an exclusive advance copy of my contribution here:

I love that I can share these both with you at the same time, because I also want to invite you to join my newly minted newsletter, for periodic updates (on projects like upcoming reprints of my long lost interviews with Djinn Aquarian and Stewart Home), artwork, recordings, exclusive content- plus writing on Spirit, Culture, Collapse and linking fingers through the holes in the fence.

Lately, stepping into the Sun or into the Rain, I find a Light that glows out of me; out of my chest or my throat for instance.  The wind is blowing harder here than I can remember (though like most places I’ve called Home, I have only been Here a little while.) Maybe it’s a side effect of this Light: I hate that keeping up means being brokered and cashed out by the emotional marketplace of social media,cut off from shared passions.

It’s cold here in the cottage below the old volcano.  My dog is shivering and there’s fire to be raised.  Just like you, I want my words and actions to be meaningful.  Across the distance of Time and Space, I want to feel a real connection to the people I love; one which does not rely on the agendas of algorithmic golems determining if and when we meet in the square or the wilderness.I want to speak directly to You, and I want to hear the words you are sending me.This newsletter is my clumsy attempt to open a space unpolluted by the St. Vitus Dance of ticky-tocky trends.

We can be borne into a new world, if we want it. The pandemic is changing us in ways big and small. The tools and charms we craft will help ensure we don’t slip back into old habit-paths and ways of getting by.  It is a tiny thing to switch one digital interface for another, but I hope you will join me in this conspiratorial endeavor.

In any case, I like you. I want you to know that I’m carrying this crooked torch, and there’s light to share.

Jason Triefenbach
Portland, Oregon October 31, 2021 

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