NEW MOON MISSIVE (archived) 

“Luxurious in a spray of Myrtle, she wore too
The glory of the rose upon her, and her hair
was all a darkness on her shoulders and her back.”
-Archilochus of Paros, 6th c. BCE

Hello again and thanks for subscribing!

I’m sitting in my car in the grey Portland drizzle, happy for the rain that has come in wholeheartedly this week; a nearly constant arrangement of gentle sounds washing through the days and nights.  Today is our new moon in Scorpio, heralding transformation, upheavals, and the ascendancy of the shadow self, knocking from the other side of the mirror. (Or if you prefer: those unincorporated parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable to face yet here nonetheless with lessons to confer!)

For myself, that looks like the choices, adventures, and broken threads of career and livelihood.  Also home and hearth: building projects and improvements that were put off over the summer, as well as those that have been indefinitely postponed through the entire ongoing pandemic.  I’m excited to say with confidence and glee  that the gallery/ studio we intended to open here in 2019 will finally be up and running in 2022! More on that in the coming months…

I’m learning to use the New Moon as a chance to set intentions for the future; assess goals and setbacks and cast into the sky a message for the Universe/ Divinity/ Destiny/ Fortune.  You can too!

In a quiet moment, visualize your Fulfillment.  Perhaps you’ll want to write it down to look back on later- or maybe you’ll burn it, plant it, or bathe with it to activate your Desire and Will? 

In any case, remember it often as the moon fattens, and reflect on it when she is Full: what steps have you taken toward realizing this goal? What has hindered you?  Scorpio is here to add passionate intensity to our liberation from the Past and our co-creative birthing of the New.

With Love,
Jason Triefenbach

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